Mind Uploading

I just read on Wired Science blog that Mind Uploading was at risk of being deleted from Wikipedia due to lack of cited evidence.  I don’t particularly care.

What I did find interesting is that there is such a term. Mind Uploading!

Mind uploading, whole brain emulation or mind transfer refers to the hypothetical process of copying the information content (the “mind” or “soul“) of a biological brain by scanning its structure, transfer it to a computer and run a computer simulation model of it that is so faithful to the original that it will behave in essentially the same way as the original brain. [1] The emulated brain may control a mechanical robot, or a software body model in a simulated virtual reality.

The idea is discussed in research publications as a way to achieve strong artificial intelligence[2], and as an extension to the topical computational neuroscience field (also known as brain simulation). It is regarded as a crucial element of the transhumanist ideology as a life extension technology. It is a central conceptual feature of numerous science fiction novels, and is increasingly quoted in popular media [3][4]. Human mind uploading is speculative at this point in time; no technology exists which can accomplish this. Some animal brains have however been mapped and at least partly been simulated.

This is what I am interested in,  the merging of the human brain and the computer brain, the evolution of knowledge.  I’ll hopefully be posting daily again. Sorry to all of my readers for a lack of posts.


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