Your Eyes Will Show You What Your Brain Thinks


Miniaturization of circuits and displays could lead to televisions shrunk into contact lenses and being powered by body heat, according to British futurologist Ian Pearson.

Channels could be changed using voice commands or gestures, Pearson told The Daily Mail. “You will just pop it into your eye in the morning and take it out at the end of the day,” he said.

Pearson’s predictions are in contrast to how consumer electronics companies have been pushing bigger TVs. In the last few years, advances in plasma and LCD panel technologies along with falling prices have made it easy to buy TVs with up to 100-inches in screen size.

But Pearson believes that trend will change and contact lenses that double up as personal TV sets could be reality within the next ten years.

I am surprised at the lack of vision presented by our friends at Wired.  Really??? Your eyes will be a HUD and you’re going to watch television?  Did you forget that the internet will be on tap in our brain.  These lenses will be good for all sorts of amazing information gathering and presenting.  Just picture the Terminators HUD only instead of deciding targets to kill on the street your targets will be the lowest priced detergent in the supermarket blinking red while everything else in your vision will dim allowing you to focus and make decisions quickly.

Contact Lens Could Bring TV Into Future Eyes | Gadget Lab from

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