Another Finger Picture Found!

World’s smallest working fuel cell has high potential, low voltage – Engadget

In a few years, you’ll be able to take all the technology that I post about that is displayed on someones finger and mix them into an implantable or non-stigmatized wearable device that allows us direct access to the internet.  You will be living with your head in the cloud.

“University of Illinois researchers have developed what they claim is the world’s smallest working fuel cell. The battery measures 3 mm x 3 mm x 1 mm and is comprised of just four layers: a water reservoir, a thin membrane, a chamber of metal hydride, and an assembly of electrodes. It can produce 0.7 volts and a 0.1 milliamp current for about 30 hours, with a newer model boasting similar voltage and 1 milliamp of current. That’s not gonna juice your BlackBerry anytime soon, but scientists suggest it could be used for simple electronics and microbots. As for future application, we’re hoping one day can power a fingernail-sized smartphone.”

From Register Hardware by way of Engadget


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